Student College Application Essay 2022 (The impact of technology on schooling, from a student’s point of view)

Although I know that employment is tough and my need for work is burning,

And success in life is closely tied to one’s success in earning,

And earning’s tied to schooling, which is where one does the learning.

But when that learning’s out of date, where should I be turning?

I clearly see this time of life is when I should be flying

On a learning path to knowledge, but I’m bored and sit here sighing.

And though your school sounds great and for my dollars may be vying,

With all you’ve got to offer, you’re not selling what I’m buying.

I reject the echoing lecture hall with its hard-to-take-in drone

Cause frankly, that and better is accessible by phone.

Offer action, customize it, you needn’t be a clone.

One size fits all may comfort you, but you’ll wind up alone. 

I see a world where data’s used to make my learning richer,

A learning place where I’m an agent rather than a pitcher,

A syllabus organic, integrated, not a fixture

And a healthy life with friends that are a rich, compelling mixture. 

I think you see the same but just can’t figure out the model. 

Your strategy should be a challenge rather than a coddle.

Your impetus should be kinetic rather than a dawdle.

If you want me, release the brake let me find the throttle!