The success of a company depends on its people. Period.

You want employees who are self-motivated, need little nurturing or daily care, who bring personality to the table, add to culture and generally who just “get-it”, not to mention, who get along with others. Imagine… a self-watering plant that flourishes with neglect and little sun. That is what we are looking for.

However, in the current work environment, so much of an individual’s success depends luck, drive or having a good manager.

And, if you don’t have these 3 things, you are on your own, on what might be a slow and painful path as you try to figure out what will make you successful in your career.

I am frankly embarrassed by my early career self. I wasn’t a disaster but I was seriously hampered in what I could contribute by my delicate ego and my total and complete fear that someone would discover that I had no idea what I was doing. This limited my personal growth and my ability to understand how to add increasing value to the workplace.

This is why we started Skillpod.

Skillpod helps people develop real confidence based on real skills.

The pandemic, and remote work, has left more people behind in building of “human” work skills.

It is possible to build these “human” skills, the ones we need for collaborating, motivating and interacting even in a virtual world.

Not only is this good for the individual but it is good for the company.

Focusing on bringing a better version of yourself to work is a win-win.

Imagine, a workplace full of people who are confident about what they bring to the table, who are adaptable and flexible contributors and collaborators. Let us help you build unicorns for your unicorn.