Create, Share, and Grow
Your Trophy Room

Start a personal digital scrapbook to capture your projects, skills, and accomplishments.

Stand out when you apply to opportunities

Help employers understand you as a learner, team player, and an asset with a snapshot of your experience

Who should build a Trophy Room?

Is this you? Let’s get you started.


College Seniors
applying and cold pitching for their first role


Early to Mid-Career Professionals documenting their work for a performance evaluation


Freelancers & Hustlers
requiring a quick solution to keep track of their projects and testimonials


Returnees rebuilding their profiles after a career gap

Capture your profile in one place

Our proprietary learning methodology helps you be the best coach for yourself


Skills Progress

Personal Learning Preferences



What will you get?

βœ… An editable Notion template

βœ… A video tutorial to personalize the template

βœ… Use cases for your Trophy Room

βœ… A guide on sharing your work on LinkedIn

βœ… Tips to get an endorsement on your Trophy Room

πŸ’– for the Trophy Room

Do NOT overlook this course. This course is all about identifying yourself and others as learners and to help you work, collaborate and create more effectively. Employers look for these skills and competencies that are in the BeThere Workbook. There is nothing else out there like it.”

Matt Pockaj

You can’t find this anywhere else. This is the only course that helped me develop all my skills without even knowing that I had them. You can say that you have Teamwork skills, you can say that you have all these skills, but this course made us think and reflect on our experiences and collect evidence that you really have the skills, not just say you have them which was really nice.”

Sheena Mah

I really enjoyed it. It let me connect back to myself. I should have done this earlier because I would just walk into the workplace and hope that my teamwork skills would be Ok. I really liked reflecting on that and it was a very personal experience. That is what I liked about it.”

Xenia Jankovich

If you want people to know about what you do and the things you care about, you have to share.

Austin Kleon, Author of Show Your Work

I have taught thousands of adult students in my 14 years of teaching college.Β 

I have seen up close the anxiety that these aspiring professionals face as they are transitioning to the workforce.Β 

I see them asking themselves, β€œDo I have what It takes to be successful? Am I smart enough or talented enough?”

The fact is that these are the wrong questions.Β 

The right questions are, β€œAm I able to learn under stressful conditions? Am I able to deal with difficult characters? Do I have enough self knowledge to believe in myself? Do I know what questions to ask myself when I face a challenge.”

Skillpod replaces anxiety of the unknown with a confidence in your own ability to deal with whatever lies ahead.Β 

Connie Wansbrough, CEO of Skillpod


How does this work?

Once you click to start, you will be redirected to our e-learning platform where you can start creating your Trophy Room.

Do I need to pay for Notion to use the Trophy Room template?

No. You only need a free Notion plan to start building your Trophy Room.

Can I customize the template?

Yes. You can move around the structure. Add or remove skills, projects, goals, and priorities. The possibilities are endless.

What if I still have questions?

Send us a message on LinkedIn or email to