Skill Cards

Includes 7 Skill cards, 28 competency cards, 7 skill definition cards. Includes instructions for solo or group play as well as instructions for skill assessment or games.
Skills developed:
  • Self-awareness
  • CriticalThinking
  • Strategic Communication

Designed for:

Teachers, coaches, people managers

The Skillpod Skill Cards are the fastest and most intuitive Pro Skill assessment that you will find. It is a physical set of cards of 3 sizes. One set has the 7 Skills; one set has the 28 competencies; the last set has skill definitions. These can be used individually and as a group. They can be used as a simple skill and competency assessment or as a game. As a game, you can pit groups against each other and against time as they race to match competencies with the skills. This is a great ice breaker and provides a very quick introduction to the language of skills in physical, interactive, and gamified learning.


  • Visual and tactile skill self-assessment
  • Engaging for individuals and groups
  • Helps people and groups of people develop the language of skills and competencies
  • Quick, tactile and engaging learning