Pro Skills for Tech

Online Learning Program
This is an 8 module (10 hr) asynchronous online learning program to help you accelerate your personal development and career growth.
Skills developed:
  • Strategic thinking in personal and business context
  • Self leadership
  • Strategic Communication
  • Smarter learning

Designed for:

Junior Software engineers, data analysts, product managers

You have landed the job and now are looking to make a mark on and contribute to the company, get noticed and grow. But it all seems so daunting. You may even have “Imposter Syndrome” thoughts. You had the skills to get hired but now how do you be seen as a team player and also stand out?

Understand that the skills that got you here are not the same as those needed to grow. As you develop in your role, you will gradually take on more complex tasks, that may not be technical in nature. You will require increasing people skills, communication and networking skills, and problem solving skills.

Program includes:

  • Learning assessment
  • Skills Assessment
  • Development of a work portfolio
  • Create a (non-cringy) personal user guide
  • Create a career road map


  • Acquire a language of skills that will help with professional development
  • Develop self-awareness critical for growth and performance reviews
  • Build business acumen
  • Strengthen strategic communication skills

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