A Skillpub (virtual) Event

January 26, 2021, Toronto/EDT (virtual)

Skillpub is a monthly personal/professional development event for 18+ looking to accelerate their growth. 

Master 7 skills that you need to accelerate success in work and life.

Join us for a professional event like no other. It is learning, networking and friendly (but fierce) competition all in one place. Think ‘escape room’ meets The Devil Wears Prada.

Group Challenge (Virtual!)

  Participate in a 15 minute, hands-on small group challenge. When the time is up, present your solutions for feedback. Gain practice working in a group, brainstorming, problem solving and public speaking skills as well as knowledge about the theme skill. 

Feedback, Tips & Reflection

Receive real time feedback on your group’s solution and tips for how you can continue to improve your skills. Solidify this learning by taking time to reflect on your personal successes and challenges.

Guest Speaker

Sit back and be inspired, entertained or educated by a Skillpod verified “Skill Expert”. 

Featured Speakers

Jan. 26 — 7:30-9:00 PM

Alison Ashdown

Model, Actress, Trans Advocate

Alison will share her inspiring story of resilience, self-respect and following her passion. 

Jan. 26 — 7:30-9:00pm

Connie Wansbrough

CEO, Co-Founder Skillpod & Facilitator 

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Join us. Be inspired. Make new friends. Develop key personal and professional skills. Adulting doesn’t have to be boring!