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Skillpod Fundamentals

The complete career skills course for the digital age.

We will help you think better, do better, and be happier in work and life.

Skillpod Fundamentals

The complete career skills course for the digital age.

We will help you think better, do better, and be happier in work and life.

No more riding shotgun.

It’s time to get in the driver’s seat.

Achieve success in your job!

✔️ Understand the key elements of each skill that is critical for success

✔️ Become a more valued team member

✔️ Combat imposter syndrome and build confidence in your skills

✔️ Identify and communicate your unique strengths

✔️ Set actionable goals for your career growth


The digital and entrepreneurial age we live in requires stronger thinking, learning, communicating and collaborating skills than any age before. You know these skills are important  but you may not be sure if you have them or how to develop them. We are here to help.

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Skillpod Fundamentals helps you to identify skill gaps and build strengths so that you feel confident about your path ahead. 

Are these soft skills? Yes! And, this program exceeds the conventional definition of soft skills. Skillpod Fundamentals includes intrapersonal (Smarter Learning, Selfwork and Information Management), interpersonal (Communication and Teamwork) and cognitive skills (Design & Innovation and Strategic Thinking) skills. 

The program is designed to help individuals develop self awareness and skills around a core of 28 competencies. This framework of skills compliments any other training that a person may do and particularly complements and accelerates the learning of hard skills. The program is active and follows a methodology of “do-reflect-learn”.

Our proprietary IP is focused on tapping into your learning mindset and becoming your own best coach . Once you have boosted your self awareness, you will be better prepared to tackle whatever it is that is coming your way. 

Course Modules

Level 1: Getting started

Program overview and orientation

Level 2: Smarter Learning

Develop the mindset and confidence in our own ability to learn quickly

Level 3: Self work

Build resilience and motivation

Level 4: Design & Innovation

Develop the skills to be an innovative, creative thinker

Level 5: Strategic Thinking

Hone the ability to ask good questions and understand context

Level 6: Communication

Work on written and visual communication as well as listening skills

Level 7: Teamwork

Understand what it means to be part of a high functioning team

Level 8: Information Management

In this era of information overload, learn how to prioritize and organize

Level 9: Putting it all together

Track your progress and explore the next steps in your journey

Do NOT overlook this course. This course is all about identifying yourself and others as learners and to help you work, collaborate and create more effectively. Employers look for these skills and competencies that are in the BeThere Workbook. There is nothing else out there like it.”

Matt Pockaj

You can’t find this anywhere else. This is the only course that helped me develop all my skills without even knowing that I had them. You can say that you have Teamwork skills, you can say that you have all these skills, but this course made us think and reflect on our experiences and collect evidence that you really have the skills, not just say you have them which was really nice.”

Sheena Mah

I really enjoyed it. It let me connect back to myself. I should have done this earlier because I would just walk into the workplace and hope that my teamwork skills would be Ok. I really liked reflecting on that and it was a very personal experience. That is what I liked about it.”

Xenia Jankovich

Get ready to thrive
in work and life!