“Finding my learning preferences helped me dramatically to recognize my strengths”

Find in 15 minutes what kind of a learner you are and the strengths that will help you in the future of work

Understand how you learn

Everyone learns differently. Knowing your personal learning preferences can help reduce frustration and increase success.

We provide a customized overview of your preferences and map them to a set of skills so that you can easily see where your strengths lie.

Identify your competencies

Your inventory of strengths is neither static nor permanent.

Our assessment will help you evolve as you grow, learn and respond to dynamics in your environment.

💖 for the assessment

“I feel more confident in communicating my skill set, I have discovered I am a strategic thinker, I have a growth mindset but I still need to communicate boundaries. It was great.”

Georgina Trades Institute Participant

“One thing I really liked about Skillpod is their PLP assessment. It helped me identify my learning behaviours and areas of strengths.”

George Brown University Student

“I had been a manager before and I wish I had gone through this program before. It would have helped me in my role.”

Georgina Trades Institute Participant

How does this work

Course Modules

👋 Level 1: Getting started

Program overview and orientation.

🙌 Level 2: Smarter Learning

Develop the mindset and confidence in your own ability to learn quickly.

💪 Level 3: Selfwork

Build resilience and motivation.

🎨 Level 4: Design & Innovation

Develop the skills to be an innovative, creative thinker.

💭 Level 5: Strategic Thinking

Hone the ability to ask good questions and understand context.

💬 Level 6: Communication

Work on written and visual communication as well as listening skills.

👥 Level 7: Teamwork

Understand what it means to be part of a high functioning team.

📁 Level 8: Information Management

In this era of information overload, learn how to prioritize and organize.

💼 Level 9: Putting it all together

Track your progress and explore the next steps in your journey.

I have taught thousands of adult students in my 14 years of teaching college. 

I have seen up close the anxiety that these aspiring professionals face as they are transitioning to the workforce. 

I see them asking themselves, “Do I have what It takes to be successful? Am I smart enough or talented enough?”

The fact is that these are the wrong questions. 

The right questions are, “Am I able to learn under stressful conditions? Am I able to deal with difficult characters? Do I have enough self knowledge to believe in myself? Do I know what questions to ask myself when I face a challenge.”

Skillpod replaces anxiety of the unknown with a confidence in your own ability to deal with whatever lies ahead. 

Connie Wansbrough, CEO of Skillpod

Become a smarter learner.