Workshop: A New Way to Learn; A New Way to Collaborate

We are all on a lifelong learning journey. Learning takes as many different forms as there are people. Understanding how you learn best not only will help you learn smarter and faster but will help you understand those around you on a much deeper level. It will help you accomplish your own tasks more efficiently AND will also help you become a better collaborator with those around you.

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This workshop is offered to organizations and companies. It is designed to help people better understand themselves and better  understand those around them with the goal of helping to develop higher functioning team and collaboration skills.

We use our proprietary PLP learning preferences assessment to deepen understanding about how an individual learns best. This can be applied to various learning challenges in schools and in a professional setting. The workshop can be tailored to your needs whether it is culture building in an organization, to help a team prepare for a project launch, or work through a specific challenge.

This workshop is practical with tangible outcomes and is designed to be inclusive, embrace diversity and increase empathy.

Workshop length: 90 min. – 3 hours


  • Awareness of your individual approach to learning
  • How to apply this knowledge to a concrete challenge
  • How to leverage your strengths and address your gaps
  • Deeper understanding of those who think differently from you
  • How to apply this understanding in a group challenge
  • How to leverage the strengths of a group and address gaps


  • Embrace diversity in learning approaches
  • Develop mental agility when approaching tasks and challenges
  • Enhance confidence knowing that you have the tools to manage tasks and challenges
  • Understand how to better leverage strengths in a group
  • Stronger team bonds