Virtual, Just-in-Time Skills Training

Our working world has changed dramatically over the last year and so should our learning and development programs. At Skillpod, we now offer, our skills development training as just-in-time learning.

What does this mean?

We use tools that your company is using already to guide discussions and provide learning content. For example, if you are using Slack, we will run a Slack channel that provokes discussion and engagement around the theme of "Working Smarter" using our 7 skills framework as a guide. The content is  asynchronous, allowing employees to engage when or where they have time. Learning is designed in bite sized pieces, combining our rich Skillpod 7 skills content and content tailored to your company and industry with a focus on both action and discussion. Let us help your team thrive.

Just-in-Time Skills Training Includes:

  • Creating and maintaining a learning channel
  • Posting themed content
  • Managing discussions
  • Optional monthly 1-hour active skill building training

Contact us to discuss your needs.