Skillpod Fundamentals – Small Groups

  • 6 weekly, 90 minute live classes
  • Self-assessments & goal setting
  • Group discussion, activities and challenges
  • Create your skills portfolio
  • Build confidence and path for success


Master 7 skills that you need to succeed in work and life.
These 7 skills are the recipe for success in every single job that exists.

An engaging and instructor-led 6-week course that will help you create your own personal framework for success in work and life. This course will help you understand and leverage your unique strengths; establish clear goals, vision, strategies on your path forward; improve how you think about yourself and your capacity to face the unknown; become a more agile and resilient thinker, learner and communicator; gain a deeper understanding of those around in order to improve your collaboration skills; increase your overall sense of happiness in work and lifeThis small group coaching program will take you through steps to self-evaluate and build 7 skills: Smarter Learning, Selfwork, Design & Innovation, Strategic Thinking, Communication, Teamwork, Information Management. You will work on case studies that show the skills in real world scenarios and through a process of analysis, discussion, reflection and action you will gradually build your understanding and your own skills.

Course includes
6 live, online classes
Weekly updates
*Required E-workbook sold separately

Output (what you will have to show for all your work!):
Skill portfolio - you will create a portfolio of skills demonstrating concrete evidence of your skills
Presentation skills - together we will work on how you present yourself, your ideas and your work
Skillpod LinkedIn badge - upon completion of program
Confidence - don't take it from me. Read the testimonials!

“Do NOT overlook this course. This course is all about identifying yourself and others as learners and to help you work, collaborate and create more effectively. Employers look for these skills and competencies that are in the Be There Workbook, on how to help you work smarter and harder with less pain. There is nothing else out there like it.” Matt P.

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