Skillpod Skill Cards


A series of 7 skill cards, 7 definition cards and 28 competencies cards and suggestions how these can be used for interactive activities. These can be used as a matching type of game (match the definition and competency to the skill) to test your knowledge. They can be used to help self-assess your strengths and gaps. They can be used to help set priorities by identifying competencies you wish to develop.

However, you choose to use these, they are colourful, full of information and provide for a fun, experiental way to become more familiar with the skills.

Great for individual use, for groups or in a workshop or classroom.


"Survey after survey shows that what will be most needed in the workforce of the 21st century are what are called the “soft skills”: things such as the ability to work productively with others, to build and maintain relationships, to communicate effectively, and so on. The key to enabling people to develop these skills is to recognize what research has proven: people learn differently. Be There understands that, and what it does so brilliantly is (1) help individuals find out how they learn most comfortably and effectively, and then (2) let them learn at their own pace. This is a brilliant book. If you’re a young person entering the workforce it will make a big difference in your life. Buy it."                   

Robin Stuart- Kotze, Ph. D, Behavioural Science Systems.