Skillpod 7 Skills Workbook


This 100 page workbook provides a complete learning experience for those who are looking for a fundamental understanding of the essential executive skills. It provides an overview of the skills, skill assessments and 4 scenario based learning exercises for each skill. It also walks you through how to create your own evidence of the skills so that you can share your skills with current or prospective employers.



The Skillpod 7 Skills Workbook is hot off the press. 

What are Executive Skills?

Executive skills are skills that allow you to thrive in your work and life. You may be familiar with the term “soft skills”. This generally refers to interpersonal skills like communication and teamwork. Executive skills include Smarter Learning, Selfwork, Communication, Teamwork, Information Management, Strategic Thinking and Design & Innovation.

This workbook can be used to accompany classroom or coaching programs or as a stand alone program. The Skillpod workbook will provide you with a solid starting point for your skills-based learning. Contact for more information.