Be There: With 7 Skills Critical for Working (and Living) in the Digital Age – ebook


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Skillpod is an executive skills coaching program that helps you build, demonstrate and articulate seven skills critical for working and living in the digital age.

In order to be competitive and thrive in our emerging economy, we need to be better thinkers, learners and communicators. Skillpod helps you prepare for employment, self-employment or advance in your career by helping you hone and share your own, unique, soft skills required for our entrepreneurial and digital economy.

Benefits of Skillpod:
• Build knowledge about these 7 and understand why they are important
• Evaluate where you are at with your skills
• Build evidence of your skills, drawing from your own life experiences and the world around you
• Develop language to be able to talk about your experiences and interests from a skills perspective
• Set personal and professional goals
• Present yourself with confidence to potential employers