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Get interview ready and get hired. 
5 day mini-course, dates TBD
Join our 5 half-day virtual, intensive program that will help you get and keep a job. Leverage your own life experiences and talk with confidence. 

Land that job faster with Skillpod!


Build Self Awareness

Identify your strengths

Identify your blind spots

Establish the mindset, habits and behaviours to help you get to where you want to be

Get Interview Ready

Understand what employers are really looking for

Prepare and practice responses

Gain immediate feedback

Develop confidence in your skills and your ability to manage an interview

Succeed on the Job

Prepare for a steep learning curve

Be the one who is growing as fast as the company

Ensure that you are adding maximum value

Build Self Awareness

Know your strengths

See your blind spots

Establish the mindset, habits and behaviours to help you get to where you want to be

Get Interview Ready

What employers say they want vs what they really want

How to approach most common questions

Companies want people, not robots! Create evidence of your unique skills

Develop confidence in your skills and your ability to manage an interview

Succeed on the Job

In a culture of hire and fire fast, be the one who keeps the job

Prepare for a steep learning curve

Set realistic expectations

Make sure that you’re adding value and growing on the job

Skillpod Teamwork

In this course:

  • Discover your unique strengths and blindspots
  • Establish clear goals, vision, strategies on your path forward
  • Improve your ability to talk about yourself and your capacity to face the unknown
  • Improve your collaboration skills
  • Increase your overall feeling of confidence

Tangible outcomes:

  • You will create a personal biographical statement for a LinkedIn “About me” profile or in response to an interview question “tell me a little about you”.
  • You will learn how to create a portfolio of skills demonstrating concrete evidence of your skills. These can be used to prepare for skill-based/behavioural interview questions.
  • Skillpod LinkedIn badge: complete the program AND submit a portfolio of skills for a LinkedIn digital skills badge.

This Zoom/virtual social and interactive program is based on Skillpod’s 7 skills: Smarter Learning, Selfwork, Design & Innovation, Strategic Thinking, Communication, Teamwork, and Information Management. Although this program is based on theory and years of research, it will not feel like school.

Participants will receive an e-copy of the Skillpod Workbook, Be There, With 7 Skills for Working (and Living) in the Digital Age.

The Skillpod 7 Skills:

Smarter Learning

Discover and apply your unique learning profile to learn faster and better.

Strategic Thinking

Develop more efficient decision making skills.  


Understand what drives you.

Apply key elements of collaborative work.
Communication & Networking

Improve your online and in-person communication skills.  

Design & Innovation
Integrate design and innovation skills into your work.
Information Management
Be deliberate in your method for organizing and storing data.

Mini-course pricing

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This is Instructor-led, social and active, cohort-based learning.


Day 1: Introduction to the program; baseline self assessments; create a mindset for growth.

Day 2: Develop habits for growth; initiative, drive, motivation.

Day 3: Think better; how the brain works; strategic and creative thinking.

Day 4: Tools for collaboration; curiosity, communication and teamwork.

Day 5: What makes you unique; reassessments; get interview ready.

Skillpod Teamwork

Meet Your Instructor

Connie Wansbrough, B.Sc., M.A.

Connie is a designer, teacher and co-founder of Skillpod, Inc. In the past 2 years, she has helped over 300 George Brown College students transition from school to work using the Skillpod program. Connie is the co-author of Be There, With 7 Skills Critical for Working (and Living) in the Digital Age, the Skillpod workbook. Now she is offering her expertise as a course designed to empower others who are looking to confidently evolve from student to successful employee. 

“Do NOT overlook this course. This course is all about identifying yourself and others as learners and to help you work, collaborate and create more

Employers look for these skills and competencies that are in the Be There Workbook. There is nothing else out there like it.”

-Matt P., 2019

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I miss a day?
Sessions will be recorded and can be viewed at your convenience.
What time zone is it held in?
Eastern Standard Time
What if I am having technical difficulties?
Sessions are recorded so you can view them again later.
Can I get a refund?
You can withdraw after day 1 with full refund. After that, you can withdraw and apply this to future training sessions (we cannot guarantee time and date of future sessions).
Can I get one-on-one help?
We are happy to discuss this with you to see if we can help or make a referral depending on needs and goals.