Soft Skills for a Hard World

It’s time to level up.

Skillpod is a personal development and skills coaching program that helps young professionals leap-frog over years of trial and error on the job learning, resulting in happier people and more effective employees. 

It is built around our marquee Skillpod Fundamentals program, a proprietary and tested approach to building 7 key skills. These are the skills you need to thrive in the digital economy. 

The Skillpod 7 Skills:

Smarter Learning

Discover and apply your unique learning profile to learn faster and better.

Strategic Thinking

Develop more efficient decision making skills.  


Understand what drives you.

Apply key elements of collaborative work.
Communication & Networking

Improve your online and in-person communication skills.  

Design & Innovation
Integrate design and innovation skills into your work.
Information Management
Be deliberate in your method for organizing and storing data.



Reduce frustration


Increase confidence


Perform better

“It does a lot for my self confidence to be allowed to reflect in a more structured manner and encouraged to articulate what we don’t always think about being strengths.”

SkillPod Workshop Participant

Skillpod Programs

Interview prep mini-course

Own Your Story – get interview ready and get hired.

Join our 5 half-day virtual, intensive program that will help you get and keep a job. Leverage your own life experiences and talk with confidence.

May 31- June 3, 9:30 AM -1:00 PM

Are you an employer looking to develop your workforce? Skillpod’s corporate programs help companies build teams with better thinking, learning and communications skills.

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