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Teamwork – Jonah MacDonald
Categories: Teamwork

Good teamwork skills are absolutely essential in the workplace. There are very few jobs in this world that do not involve teamwork of some sort. Good teamwork involves effective communication, active listening and freedom to share ideas. When teamwork is implemented in the workplace properly, every member feels valued and heard, which, in turn, will increase their output of both good work and good ideas.

This is a skill I often used when I ran a sports program at a summer camp in Nova Scotia. There were many programs and activities that all the leaders of the camp would have to help plan with the biggest being the camp-wide colour war. Each specialty leader in the camp was tasked with planning separate sections of the colour war and we all had to communicate effectively to ensure that nothing went awry. Had we not used our teamwork and communication skills, 200 children would’ve been running around the camp with disorganized activities and it would’ve been an awful experience for campers and staff alike.

I feel confident that I bring a high level of skill in teamwork as I am an expert in bringing the most out of people. Being good at both listening and delegating is important in teamwork to ensure everyone feels valued.