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Teamwork – Elizabeth Alexander
Categories: Teamwork

When entering any workplace Teamwork skills are essential as one needs to be able to work with a variety of different people and take in all the different perspectives to work together towards a goal. During my undergrad, I encountered many group projects, so I had many opportunities to hone my Teamwork skills. Through these experiences I learned that I am an excellent collaborator, meaning that I learned to adapt to any position necessary to make the team run smoothly, and that I could mitigate conflict by being respectful and a good communicator. Had I not developed these skills, I would have been rigid in my stance in the group which would cause friction and ultimately hurt the success of any project. Due to my learning experiences, I have the tools that would make me an excellent candidate for any job, as I am able to communicate my ideas without negating anybody else so any team I work with will be successful in our efforts.