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Teamwork – Debora Pak
Categories: Teamwork
Student: Debora Pak

Teamwork means valuing the skills of each person on the team so that the team goal is achieved efficiently. On my visual merchandising project, we had to create a plan for a fashion store. It was a valuable experience for me since it was my first big project in my first semester of college. Each one chose their task according to their skills. Since it was all online and I was not in the same country or time zone as the others, I adapted myself to match my schedule to my colleagues . Given that no one knew each other, I tried hard to work with integrity and to always have a positive attitude so I could show that I was committed to the team. I also tried to value my colleagues’ perspective for important decisions, so that in the end, the project would be cohesive and successful. This new experience of collaborating with people that I had never met in person was meaningful. It showed that it was all possible because we were all engaged to respect each other and to achieve the team goal.