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Strategic Thinking – Zoe James
Categories: Strategic Thinking
Student: Zoe James

I view Strategic Thinking as the ability to think quickly and precisely while understanding the different outcomes that could arise from your decisions. For example, I was able to think critically in a stressful situation one busy evening at the restaurant where I was working. During the COVID-19 pandemic, there was an influx of to-go orders, with only one person being designated to work that station. One evening my manager became overwhelmed. I strategized an idea to create temporary work stations, with different people assigned to stations to take orders, prepare, package, collect and organize the food. This helped immensely. If action had not been taken, it is possible that no one would have had their needs met and the stress would have been too much to bear. The quick thinking and logical thinking skills are valuable as they show the ability to communicate strategically as well as comprehend the context by understanding all aspects of the issue at hand.