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Smarter Learning – Elizabeth Alexander
Categories: Smarter Learning

Smarter Learning is a crucial skill as it is the building block for developing all other skills, since it involves having clear goals and a growth mindset. An example of a time I learned of the importance of Smarter Learning is in 3rd year University when I failed an exam, so I needed to improve my grades in order to be accepted for an exchange. In order to do this, I spoke with my professor to come up with an assignment for extra credit and found other students who also wanted to improve their grades to work with. My focus on Smarter Learning allowed me to develop a clear goal, and I utilized a growth mindset to adapt my work to ensure that I reached my goal. Had I not been able to harness the power of failure of that exam, I would have become disillusioned and given up on my dream of going to Paris for an exchange, instead of using it as an opportunity to grow. Due to my strength in the Smarter Learning skill, I would be an asset in any workplace as I can achieve any desired goal even if there are initial setbacks.