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Selfwork – Thomas Mai
Categories: Selfwork
Student: Thomas Mai

Selfwork is a vital skill because it affects myself, and the people around me. While working at a previous job, I was delegated low responsibility tasks and I was unsure why because I knew I was capable. Despite this, I respected their decisions because they had been in the industry longer than I had. I worked hard and continued to work the low responsibility tasks while keeping a positive mindset.

I knew that hard work would yield opportunities in the future. Over the course of several months, my employer gradually delegated increasingly difficult tasks to me. At this time, there were new employees who likewise, were delegated low responsibility tasks. From my experienced perspective, I had a breakthrough; I understood my employer’s mentality. I had to prove my skills and ethics to prove that I was reliable for difficult tasks. In summary, I developed new skills that benefited myself, and demonstrated my capabilities to my employer.