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Selfwork – Sibongile Nyirenda
Categories: Selfwork

Selfwork is a crucial skill to have. It is a skill that not only benefits you but those around you. To be respected and have people respect your values, you must have the same respect for them. Individuals must have good time management which demonstrates reliability to others and shows them you can be trusted. Having a clear picture and setting a life plan is another value of Selfwork. After graduating from my previous college and receiving my diploma, I realized that Architecture was not the career path I wanted for my life. During my gap year, I made sure I took the time to reflect on y life and set a plan that would lead me to truly liking the life I saw for myself. It helped me establish helpful routines that could allow me to carry out the right actions to achieve my goals. I feel employers will appreciate this skill because I will be a reliable asset to the company and also a trust worthy employee.