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Information Management – Thomas Mai
Student: Thomas Mai

Information management is a vital skill in today’s world. With new information streamed online everyday, it’s important to filter out what’s reliable and what isn’t. While working on a culminating project for a geography class, I was tasked with finding reliable articles to use as primary sources and secondary sources. To do this, I selectively filtered out sources without reliable authors. This included authors without a relevant education and authors whose works were too biased.

As a result, filtering my sources allowed me to retrieve information that expressed a range of biases. Additionally, by filtering out the reliable sources I was able to easily manage and organize my disorderly list of sources. In turn, I understood the usefulness of the data and was able to use it to aid my research. Without these reliable sources my data may have
been inaccurate which could have led to incorrect conclusions. I finished my project without difficulties and because of these competencies I improved my critical thinking and discrimination skills.