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Information Management – Soumi Choudhury

Communication involves more than just written and verbal skills, but also presenting information in a persuasive way while also actively listening to others. In my position as a bilingual service representative, I had to answer calls from customers with a variety of questions, so I had to listen attentively to determine the problem, and then share my solution with a helpful tone so as not to come across as demeaning. Additionally, I had to deliver information to different departments, which required me to use a variety of media depending on the department; accounting would be delivering physical papers, international departments would be through email, and customer related issues would be dealt with in person. If I couldn’t properly communicate information, important data would be lost in translation which would slow down other people’s work. Being highly skilled in communication makes me a great asset to any company as I know how to adjust my delivery of content to my audience to get the best results.