Mind the Gap: a sip and learn virtual event for parents of gap year kids.

Tuesday Oct 27, 8-9pm EDT

If you are like me, you may have some concerns about how prepared your kids are to face challenges on the road ahead. In addition to Covid challenges, some of you may also see your kids’ anxiety escalating. 

Sip wine and learn about our very practical steps to build resilience and skills that will help reduce anxiety, build confidence and build transferable skills that will serve them no matter what their next steps they choose. 

Featuring: special guest, Liane Wansbrough, a high performance coach, who will talk about the benefits of having a “resourceful” mindset.

Skillpod is a skills coaching program that helps young people build 7 skills critical for success in the digital economy and this new world we are living in. These skills are building blocks for every single job that exists: Smarter Learning, Selfwork, Communication, Design & Innovation, Strategic Thinking, Teamwork, Information Management.

Benefits of Skillpod

  1. Better prepared for post-secondary – learn how to learn; time management skills
  1. Be prepared for post-grad/summer job interviews
  1. Strengthen your growth mindset – build confidence
  1. Reduce anxiety by building a resourced mindset
  1. Be a better employee when you get your job

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