Skillpod’s corporate programs help companies build teams with better thinking, learning and communications skills.

Young talent is arriving at your workplace with enthusiasm and cutting edge hard skills, however, strategic thinking, critical thinking, design and innovation thinking, communication skills – not so much. Not only do you want to attract and nurture talent but you need them to able to apply the skills and help your business grow.  

Have you spent money, time and effort on workshops and professional development programs with little lasting impact or measurable change?  Skillpod takes a different approach. It is to professional development what practicing is to a sports team. We help your employees and teams build skills and we coach as they apply and practice the skills. The result is a team primed and ready for game time. 

Why Skillpod?
  • Our proprietary content and methodology is based on research and practice
  • We have a proven track record in delivering engaging and effective workshops that build personal skill competencies
  • We are passionate about helping people develop the “other” skills that will make their hard skills sing.

Skillpod’s programs are far from boring! Our emphasis on design, design thinking and developing learning skills engages employees. A focus on visualization makes our learning sticky.

How does it work?

Every Skillpod program is unique. We work with you to determine your needs and objectives, and the skills, competencies or assets that would most benefit your team.

After we assess the team’s learning preferences, we design challenges where the group works through simulated situations, building the skills they will need to apply on the job. Finally, we provide regular and deep feedback to you and your employees throughout the process.

You provide the venue; we provide expert instructors, all workshop materials, certifications and organizational feedback. Works best for groups of 3 – 20 people.

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Skillpod for Companies
“I know about the general list of soft skills but not how to apply these to myself or how to articulate them in a way that reflects my experience and what I can bring to a company.”
SkillPod Workshop Participant