Build Better Teams

Build a team of expert thinkers, learners, communicators and collaborators with Skillpod. Our skills coaching program helps teams grow by filling gaps and creating connections in the new reality of remote or hybrid work.

The world has changed. Work needs to change too.


of Gen Zs and Millennials are considering switching jobs in the next twelve months.


of workers say poor managers create unnecessary stress on the job.


of an employee's annual salary is approximately what it costs to replace them.

Create a culture of growth and connection.

Talent is arriving at your workplace with enthusiasm and cutting edge hard skills. However, strategic thinking, critical thinking, design and innovation thinking and communication skills are often lacking. Not only do you want to attract, nurture and retain talent, but you need your employees to apply their skills and help your business grow.

Skillpod is a coaching program that helps address the existing skills gap in the workplace. We help companies and organizations develop a culture of thinking, learning and communicating, particularly in remote and hybrid work environments.

How It Works

Our programs are tailored to your organization’s needs. We understand that your time is valuable and we work within your schedule. Modules range in length from 15 minutes to one hour, and the whole program can range from 1 month to 9 months in length.


Employees complete self-assessments to establish a baseline.


Employees engage in short, targeted learning activities and reflection prompts.


Employees participate in a series of live or virtual training sessions.


Tailored follow-up modules: live or virtual sessions, masterclasses, asynchronous learning, 1:1 coaching.

Try It

Self awareness is essential for growth and learning. Do you know how you learn best?

Try the Skillpod app to discover your own learning preferences.

Learning By Doing

After we assess your team’s learning preferences, we launch challenges where the group works through simulated situations, building the skills they need to apply on the job. We provide regular opportunities for reflection and feedback for you and your employees throughout the process.

Skillpod Group Work Skills

The Benefits


More coachable employees


Better team players


Improved retention

“Skillpod did an excellent job training our Senior and Junior Manager Teams through our leadership objectives. Connie was open and accommodating and custom-designed our program around our management mission statement, as well as our operational goals. Connie is a clear and effective communicator and assembled an engaging and challenging curriculum to meet our needs.”

Andrew Thompson

Athletic Director, Toronto Lawn Tennis Club

Skillpod Teamwork

Ask Us About Subsidies

If your business is based in Ontario, you may qualify for the Canada-Ont Job Training Grant. These subsidies can be applied to the cost of the training.

Similar subsidy programs may be available outside of Ontario.


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