Be There: Special Orders

Bulk Orders

Bulk orders of the Be There workbook are available to support team or organizational development initiatives with scaled pricing depending on quantity. Bulk orders of 10 or more: $19.99 + tax each plus shipping.

Custom Books

It is possible to customize Be There to help you meet your organizational goals either by white labelling the brand of the book or with more in depth customization. We can also work with you to adapt and customize the scenarios to better tailor to your industry’s goals and needs.

Option 1: Basic Customization

Add your branding, colours, covers, testimonials and foreword.

  • One time setup fee: $1500
  • Per Copy price: $17.99
  • Initial minimum order: 100

Option 2: Customized Scenarios

Includes all the features of Option 1. In addition, we will work with you to customize all 28 scenarios so that they are tailored to reflect the needs of your organization.

  • One time setup fee: $5,000
  • Per copy price: $17.99
  • Initial minimum order: 100


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“Survey after survey shows that what will be most needed in the workforce of the 21st century are what are called the “soft skills”: things such as the ability to work productively with others, to build and maintain relationships, to communicate effectively, and so on. Be There understands that, and what it does so brilliantly is (1) help individuals find out how they learn most comfortably and effectively, and then (2) let them learn at their own pace. This is a brilliant book.”

Robin Stuart-Kotze, Ph.D., Behavioural Science Systems

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