These 7 skills are the recipe for success
in every single job in the world.

Be There.

These 7 skills are the recipe for success
in every single job in the world.

Be There.

These 7 skills are the recipe for success in every single job in the world.

This is an activity-focused workbook based on 7 key soft skills. Work your way through real-world scenarios and reflect how this applies to your life and the world around you. This book will help you deepen your self-awareness, identify strengths and gaps and help you tap into sources of confidence based on your skills and experiences. It will help you leap-frog over years of trial and error, on-the-job learning so that you can hit the ground running and perform better faster.

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The Skillpod 7 Skills:

Smarter Learning

Discover and apply your unique learning profile to learn faster and better.

Strategic Thinking

Develop more efficient decision making skills.  


Understand what drives you.

Apply key elements of collaborative work.
Communication & Networking

Improve your online and in-person communication skills.  

Design & Innovation
Integrate design and innovation skills into your work.
Information Management
Be deliberate in your method for organizing and storing data.

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Skillpod Group Work Skills
Skillpod Teamwork

Customize Be There to help you meet your organizational goals.

Add your branding, colours, covers, testimonials and foreward. We can even customize all 28 scenarios so that they are tailored to reflect the needs of your organization.

“This is a brilliant book. If you’re a young person entering the workforce it will make a big difference in your life. Buy it.”

Robin Stuart-Kotze, Ph.D., Behavioural Science Systems

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This workbook can be used to accompany classroom or coaching programs or as a stand-alone program.
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About the Authors

Connie Wansbrough

Co-Founder & CEO
B.Sc., M.A.

Connie is a designer, entrepreneur, teacher and now Co-Founder of Skillpod, Inc. For the past 20 years, she has straddled the worlds of philanthropy and design, taking a design thinking and design-driven approach to social issues and social enterprise. She has taught and developed curriculum at the College level for 10 years, focusing on design research, design entrepreneurship and work/life skills.

Barry Wansbrough

Co-Founder, Program Lead,
B.A., M.Ed.

Barry Wansbrough is a visionary educational reformer and founder of the peer tutoring program, Licensed to Learn, now reaching 3500 students. He has a master’s degree in school reform and served on the Clinical Ethics and Business committees at McMaster University. He is a sought after consultant both locally and internationally. His focus has been in preparing youth for the coming digital era: building technological systems into strong interpersonal learning communities.

Michaele Robertson

Co-Founder & Program Lead,
B.A., M.A. (T)

Michaele is an outstanding leader, collaborator and communicator with expertise in conflict resolution. With over 50 years experience as a teacher, coach, school head, she has demonstrated a lifetime of commitment to excellence in learning. She is very active in community boards and is sought after as Chair. While her career previously focused on ways in which school systems could better enhance learning, she is now focused on the mobility and personalization of learning that will help students succeed.