Skills for the Digital Age

Skillpod is a personal development and skills coaching program.

We help people become their own coaches by learning how they learn, asking the right questions and thinking more clearly resulting in happier people and more effective employees.



Think better


Increase confidence


Perform better

“As soon as I came into this class at the beginning of the semester, it’s like a lightbulb went on. This is what everybody needs. It has helped me a lot building confidence.”

Sophia Conway, April 2021

Build 7 Skillpod Skills:

Smarter Learning

Discover and apply your unique learning profile to learn faster and better.

Strategic Thinking

Develop more efficient decision making skills.  


Understand what drives you.

Apply key elements of collaborative work.
Communication & Networking

Improve your online and in-person communication skills.  

Design & Innovation
Integrate design and innovation skills into your work.
Information Management
Be deliberate in your method for organizing and storing data.

Personal development. Professional results.


Upskill your teams

Help your teams reconnect and realign with Skillpod’s corporate workshops.

“Connie and Skillpod did an excellent job training our Senior and Junior Manager Teams through our leadership objectives. She was open and accommodating and custom designed our program around our management mission statement, as well as our operational goals. Connie is a clear and effective communicator and assembled an engaging and challenging curriculum to meet our needs.” 

Andrew Thompson Athletic Director, Toronto Lawn Tennis Club

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